At The Main Line Center for Dental Excellence, we fuse unmatched dental expertise with warm patient care. Our doctors are seasoned professionals with years of experience in their fields, and we have a team of specialists on staff, including a periodontist, to treat any specialized conditions that may come up in our patients, meaning we rarely refer patients to outside practices. In every case we treat, we strive to make dental care a continuous, convenient, and effective experience.


While some people believe losing teeth is an inevitable part of the aging process, the reality is that with proper care, your teeth can easily last you a lifetime. One of the most common causes of tooth loss, though, is periodontal (gum) disease. Gum disease can develop rapidly, and the early stages may not even show symptoms – but down the line, periodontal disease can cause rapid gum damage, bone loss, and even necessitate tooth removal.


Periodontal disease is a progressive condition with distinct phases. The first is gingivitis, which is almost inevitable without good daily oral hygiene. Gingivitis is usually marked by red or swollen gums, bad breath, or mild bleeding in the gums when you floss or brush. If left untreated, gingivitis can progress into periodontitis, which can, over time, cause gum recession, bone loss, and even tooth loss in its advanced stages. More serious periodontitis can have symptoms like extremely receded gums, exposed tooth roots, extreme tooth sensitivity, or even loose teeth. Without treatment, gum disease can destroy your teeth, jaws, and overall smile.


Ultimately, the best treatment for gum disease is prevention. Maintaining a robust, diligent daily oral hygiene regimen is critical for staving off gum disease, and this brushing twice per day, flossing once per day, and seeing us for regular dental cleanings. In addition, healthy steps like eating a balanced diet free from foods that are high in carbs and sugar, maintaining good overall bodily health, and quitting unhealthy habits like smoking can help prevent periodontal disease from developing over the course of your lifetime.

However, if prevention has failed and treatment becomes necessary, we can help. We have an excellent periodontist on staff and our specialists are experts in treating gum disease. We offer a variety of treatment methods, including manually removing plaque and calcification, root planing, local antimicrobial products, and occasionally surgical procedures. No matter your level of dental health, we'll work with you to help you fully understand your needs and options, then design a treatment method that suits you.


If you are concerned about your gum health, our team is here to here to help you. You can contact us at (610) 664-6061 with any questions or reach out to us at our contact page to schedule an appointment at our Narberth dental office. We see patients from Bala Cynwyd, Penn Valley and our surrounding communities. We look forward to helping you achieve a healthy, beautiful, lifelong smile.