Correct Your Stained Teeth With Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening need not be complicated. It can be as easy as dropping by for a visit with your dentist here at Main Line Center for Dental Excellence in Narberth, PA, for an in-office Zoom teeth whitening treatment.

Everyone knows that smoking and using tobacco products could lead to unpleasing stains and discoloration. Aside from this, wine, sports drinks, coffee, and tea are some drinks that could affect the whiteness of your teeth. Luckily, there’s in-office bleaching that will help you deal with all types of discoloration. But how does professional teeth whitening correct stained teeth?

Understanding Different Kinds of Stains

Most kinds of stains can be whitened, including those caused by prescriptive medication. But why professional teeth whitening? Aside from the dramatic improvement, different stains need to be dealt with differently. Only your dentist knows how to do this.

The In-Office Zoom Teeth Whitening Process

Correcting discolored teeth professionally is a significantly simple process that uses bleaching products. The bleaching solutions are responsible for breaking the stains into smaller pieces to make the stain’s color less concentrated and brighten up your teeth.

There are various options on how you can whiten your teeth. Your choice would depend on the type of teeth stain you are dealing with and the kind of whitening results you want to achieve. Your dentist in Narberth, PA, will be the one to decide on which option will prove most effective for your specific case. In general, in-office bleaching will involve these steps:

  • This is where surface and deep stains are removed. The natural color of your teeth would change about five to seven shades brighter. Carbamide peroxide is responsible for stain removal. The higher the concentration of the peroxide solution, the stronger and more effective it is in removing stubborn and deeper stains.

  • Light Treatment. The light treatment provides whiter and longer-lasting results. The special light used by dentists ensures that the peroxide solution can achieve maximum results in correcting discolored teeth. Dramatically whiter teeth can be observed almost instantly. The whitening can last for a long time but can be substantially shortened if you continue to drink soda, coffee, wine, and tea. These drinks contribute to teeth staining, especially when consumed excessively.

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