Sonicare Raffle

Sonicare Raffle
Posted on 01/01/2018
Sonicare Toothbrush

At Main Line Center for Dental Excellence, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional results to our patients. Whether you’re looking for Penn Valley cosmetic dentistry, teeth whitening, or periodontics, you’ll find that our doctors are more than capable of giving you a healthier smile. While we enjoy taking care of our patients, we’re just as thrilled when we have the ability to take care of others as well. That’s why we were more than happy to take some time out of our schedule to hold a Sonicare raffle with the proceeds going to charity.

Our Sonicare Raffle

For Breast Cancer Awareness Month (October), our office raffled off a pink Sonicare toothbrush to raise money for breast cancer awareness. Our doctors then matched the amount that was raised in this raffle and donated it all to a local organization “Living Beyond Breast Cancer” – a nonprofit organization that provides programs and services to people whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer. We’d like to thank everyone who was involved in this successful raffle and we encourage you to keep an eye out for our next great event!

Benefits of Sonicare Toothbrushes

There are many reasons why we love these Sonicare toothbrushes so much; a sample of these reasons are as follows:

  • A Sonicare toothbrush can remove up to seven times more plaque than a regular toothbrush. This is mainly because this toothbrush makes about 31,000 brush strokes per minute as compared to a manual toothbrush that will only reach about 300.

  • Not only will it keep your teeth clean, but it can make your gums cleaner and healthier as well.

  • It makes it easier to keep hard-to-reach areas of your mouth clean.

  • It’s also clinically proven to significantly reduce stains on a patient’s teeth.

  • A Sonicare toothbrush will do all the hard work for you as you won’t have to wonder if your brushing is too hard or soft.

  • Sonicare toothbrushes come with timers that last for two minutes. This timer helps patients realize the proper amount of time that they should be brushing.

  • If you’re wearing braces, Sonicare has been proven to be superior to manual toothbrushes in reducing plaque around orthodontic appliances.

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